For most of us, the significance of time lies in the way it shapes our daily behavior, rather than in its fundamental place in philosophy or physics. Biological rhythms, for instance, are clearly relevant to practical human experiences and situations, such as shift work and jet lag. Socially, we are all dependent on rules and constraints governing our working and leisure time, and many of our personal activities and rituals follow temporal rules concerning duration, order, or simultaneity.

This book provides a fascinating bridge between the biological time constraints that we barely notice on the one hand, and the culturally shaped representations of time that are very active in our conscious mind on the other. The material here provides insight into the significance of time in virtually all aspects of our daily life, and makes many of the practical implications of these ideas readily available.

The contributors to this thoughtfully written volume include leading experts from around the world, representing viewpoints from psychophysics, psychobiology, and cross-cultural research. As a result, this material will be of interest to both practitioners and students of psychology, as well as to a broader range of management oriented consultants and researchers.

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